Voluntary P & C Contributions
Voluntary P & C school contribution funds allow for the purchasing of resources and development of programs to further enhance teaching and learning within the school. They help provide additional educational resources for the benefit of students and provide parents/caregivers with the opportunity to make a difference.

P&C Voluntary Contribution (pdf 235 KB)





  • Class Reps Handout 

      2017 P&C Class Rep Handbook (pdf 363 KB)


  • 2017 P&C Code of Conduct 

      2017 P&C Code of Conduct (pdf 333 KB)


  • 2017 Grievance Procedures 

      2017 P&C Grievance (pdf 353 KB)


  • 2017 P&C Short Guide Booklet

      2017 Short Guide (pdf 256 KB)